Fashion Futures 2015: Draping & Drawing

image new 2 draping

Korea & Japan Inspired Draping!

Fashion Futures week two kicked off at Lewisham and Hackney Colleges with an introduction to draping & drawing!

Written by FAD Apprentice, Tashmar Smith

 We had a fantastic session with Hannah who taught us how to do measurements of the body and some draping. We experimented with lovely fabrics using different techniques such as cutting, scrunching,manipulate the material to create abstract shapes that resemble the research we did at the V&A on Japan and Korea for inspiration.

 We all got stuck right in and came up with some exciting 3D shapes and fittings!

image new 3

Expressing different styles of drawing!

The second half of the session was where all our young artists revealed their inner talent. We had fun with Joanne using various drawing materials such as coloured ink, charcoal, felt tips & tissue paper.

 We first listened to different genres of music, classical, up- beat and edgy to explore what type styles of drawings we would create. We drew soothing lines, aggressive zigzags and broken dashes to express the different moods.


We then learnt how to look at the different ways of creating shapes, curves, fine details and shadows of the figure, it was amazing to see how unique each sketch came out and how versatile everyone was as a group. Drawing together was a great way for us to understand how you can all be looking at the exact same thing but your own style of drawing makes every individual’s work comes out completely differently.

image new 4

Observational Figure Drawing!


 After the session was over, John said “I used to hate drawing, it’s amazing how much you enjoy it by just doing it in a group and identifying our strengths and weaknesses together.

“ Little things such as using tissue paper and coloured ink has made drawing such a better experience for me now as I don’t feel as restricted”

 Saturday’s session was a great success, the students left more inspired and were set homework to create mood boards… stay tuned for next week’s blog to see some of the beautiful work they come up with!

 Fashion Futures proudly sponsored by George at Asda.George Logo_white_blackbox


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