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In the year prior to joining the FAD Leadership Academy, Habon had dropped out of university after the first term and was unemployed.  Here she writes about her experience, and how working with FAD has helped her to find direction.

“I came straight out of college which put a huge amount of stress on me, and then went back into another stressful situation, university. I felt like I was rushing into things without really thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. At the time my teacher at college tried to pressure me into going into Illustration, but I chose to do a Graphic Design degree as I felt it was broader and would give me a better chance of getting a job.

However after completing a foundation in Art and Design and one term at university, I realised that I wasn’t happy so decided to drop out. That’s the sort of spontaneous person I am. It was scary but I do not regret a thing as I have learnt so much about myself, and life in general, over the past two years.


FAD leadership academy campaign #iwishidknownthat

FAD Projects, Leadership Academy
Thanks to everyone who participated in last month’s #iwishidknownthat campaign. Here Leadership Academy member Kadija talks about why this campaign, and spreading a message of confidence to young people, is so important.

“We really wanted to develop a campaign aimed at promoting confidence in young people; particularly girls aged between 12-16. Drawing from our own experiences, we knew this age is a pivotal point when issues of confidence and self-esteem kick in.

The #iwishidknownthat campaign ran throughout the month of November on social media. We encouraged young people to post a piece of advice they would give to their younger self if they had the chance.

#iwishidknownthat November campaign

FAD Projects, Leadership Academy
Do you look back to your teenage years and wish you could just give yourself some advice?

Sadly time machines don’t exist (yet), but you could use your experience to make a big difference to other girls by taking part in FAD’s #iwishidknownthat campaign.

The latest project from our Leadership Academy, the #iwishidknownthat campaign is about boosting the confidence of teenage girls by offering them valuable pieces of advice to support them with the daily pressures they face.

Drawing on their own experiences the LA are spearheading this online ‘big sister’ movement. Throughout November they will be posting and tweeting their home made videos, photos and quotes to spread the message of self-worth to younger girls. 


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FAD are very excited to announce that the Youth Forums of FAD and the Black Cultural Archives, based in Brixton, are to collaborate on an exciting new heritage project for 16-25 year olds.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Black Icons | The British Jazz Age project will educate young people about influential Black people living in Britain during the early 20th Century.

FAD Leadership Academy: Our Campaign!

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We’re now in Year 3 of FAD’s Leadership Academy (LA), and members have put the skills they’ve learned on the programme to great use, planning and running their own projects supporting young people in the community – from helping young people from the Who Cares? Trust to get their message across in Parliament, to creative workshops in schools and community groups.

 This year’s LA members decided to take a different approach to community action.  They’re launching a campaign to improve self-esteem among teenage girls, using their own stories and experiences to inspire a younger generation.



In our first brainstorming session, we discussed beauty and perception, which highlighted the need to question our ideals of beauty, and to put more emphasis on inner beauty.  LA Members came up with imaginative ways to tackle the problem of low-self esteem, including a squad of multicultural Wonder Women helping girls find inner happiness, a coaching camp and outdoor talks by inspirational women.

Wonder women

Watch this space to see how Our Campaign develops!

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