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On Wednesday 8th June, we will be launching our latest resource for teachers and aspiring creative students, For this project, FAD has collaborated with international partners to provide an interactive website to inspire and guide young people interested in all aspects of Fashion and Design. The INTOFashion website provides information on thirty different vocations in all areas of the industry, with details on courses at universities across the UK, Italy and Spain. To further inform and inspire young people, each career path is explained and personified with real life case studies and video interviews, detailing day-to –day activities and responsibilities of the job.

INTOFashion as a resource for teachers…

“I am so pleased that this website has been created. There is so little information for students who want a career in design and this platform has so much for them in one place. It also makes a good teaching resource” – Lauren Kennedy, former Head of Textiles, Parliament Hill School

 “This is a very comprehensive resource, a wonderful website that all teachers should have access to. Another great resource from the FAD Charity that demonstrates the ongoing support from Industry experts”Ruth Llewellyn, Textiles Teacher, Winchmore School

The INTOFashion website is a fantastic resource for teachers looking to aid their students in discovering higher education courses and fashion/design-specific career paths. The platform describes each vocation as well as listing key skills and routes to success. Teachers can use INTOFashion to encourage, inspire and inform their students on the many paths available within Fashion and Design, and advise them on ways to make their dream careers a reality.

INTOFashion as a guide for young people…

“As someone who has always wanted to work in the fashion industry, this website would have been invaluable to me at school. It took me a long time to work out which career path would be best for me, but access to the INTOFashion website would have made that process a lot quicker and easier! Even now that I’ve chosen my course, I find looking through all of the case studies really inspiring.” – Ellen Ormerod, Fashion Journalism Student

 Whether trying to find their ideal career path, discover their dream university course or plan a year abroad, the INTOFashion website is a valuable guide for all students seeking a career in Fashion or Design. Whilst exploring the site, young people can also find inspiration in the stories of case studies who have already made it in their chosen field.

“My advice for young people would be to stay curious, be creative and to keep discovering new things at all levels. I find creativity in architecture, films, books, literature, etc.  There is always something creative that drives you. To work in this industry you have to be very self- disciplined, have enormous capacity for hard work and live fashion intensively.”- Gabriel Azkoitia, Costume Designer and one of our case studies on

The INTOFashion website will be launching on Wednesday 8th June so make sure you have a look and explore the site! We can’t wait to hear what you think!


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