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Philip grew up in Hackney and since leaving school he has become a hard working and determined young man. With his sights set firmly on a career in the fashion industry, his passion for helping others shines through in his role as an FAD Volunteer and Trustee. We catch up with him a whopping six years on from taking part in FAD Fashion Futures 2010.

Looking back, what was the best part of being a Fashion Futures Finalist and how did it help you progress?

“The opportunity FAD gave me to show something I had designed and made and LFW – that is just something that would have never happened otherwise, especially at only 18. I wouldn’t have developed the confidence, contacts, and skills I needed for the industry if it wasn’t for Fashion Futures and FAD. It made me think more clearly about my future and what I really wanted to do.”

What are you up to at the minute?

“I’m finishing off my final collection at Westminster University for my BA in Fashion Design literally, as we speak!” 

Why did you decide to volunteer with FAD?

“FAD has helped me with it all, my design career so far, and I wanted to give back and help the young people, just as the volunteers did with me all those years back.”

What piece of advice would you give other young people?

“Fashion is hard work. If it’s something you really like, follow your heart. If it’s something you think is east or you want to do fashion because it’s cool, go study something else!”


How does it feel when you look back at your journey with FAD from Fashion Futures teen to now, being on the board of Trustees?

“It feels great. It’s been quite a journey; I’ve gained huge confidence and understanding of myself as a person. FAD has helped me and many others so much, becoming a Trustee is my contribution to helping it continue to do so. It’s quite amazing. FAD does amazing things with young people that no other place would do.”

What does FAD mean to you?

“It’s more than fashion, it’s family!”

You can see Philip’s latest work at http://cargocollective.com/philipluu

Read more FAD Stories here. Are you a past FAD student with an inspiring story to share or do you have an idea for a blog post? Email us at info@fad.org.uk.



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