INTO FASHION: Self Promotion Masterclass

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Self promotion is essential, and tricky. Go too hard and you seem like a hyperbolic egotist, too little and you’re at risk of selling yourself short and missing out. This months Masterclass on how to blow your own trumpet helped our INTO Fashion members strike that all important middle ground. 

Designer and fashion illustrator Miss Magpie Spy aka Niki Groom kindly came down to  share her advice on how to present and promote yourself. Niki is the talent behind live illustrations for Clinique, Accessorize, River Island, BBC Radio 1 and Links of London.

Niki shared her journey from university to her current position as Director at Miss Magpie Fashion Spy Ltd, having worked in between as a designer at Arcadia, George at Asda, Monsoon Accesorize and Nomads Clothing.  


From her wealth of experience we gathered the following top tips:

  • The importance of networking; this cannot be emphasised enough. Seize every opportunity to do so and be genuine.
  •  Look after your contacts and friends. Help them, share opportunities with them, support them as they will also help you, in turn they will also share opportunities with you and  support you.
  • Being honest pays off
  • Social media is essential today. See yourself as a brand. Post a positive spin every experience

Twitter Tip: Having many followers may be good, but what is more important is having the right followers. Ask yourself:

  • what 10 people do I really want to follow?
  • What 10 companies do I want to be connected with?

Then re-tweet and engage with them.

Instagram Tip: The more text you write the more followers you get. Tag brands and people, up to 6 or 8 in each photo.

Thank you Niki for hosting this masterclass, and your continuing support for FAD!

Follow Niki on Twitter and Instagram – @miss_magpie_spy

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