Fashion Futures : Inside George HQ

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George at Asda have sponsored Fashion Futures for the last 5 years. Based at George House in Lutterworth, Leicestershire the 600 strong team create quality yet affordable pieces of design. The brand’s support of young designers includes providing  hands on learning experiences so the Fashion Futures 2016 cohort got on a train up to the Midlands to see first hand what goes on behind the scenes at George.

_DSC0821Lorraine, Design Manager of Kids Essentials, and Junior Girls Designer Khairunisa welcomed the group to George House. They had both recently sat on the Fashion Futures judging panel so are familiar with the  2016 consort and what they’ve been up to. Together they presented ‘Life of a Garment,’ tracing the George design process from brief to finished product.

blog2This was followed by talks from members of the buying, merchandising, and technical team who explained their routes into the fashion industry, career journey so far, and what their job role entails from day to day, followed by a Q&A session. The young peoples interest was piqued – they had plenty to ask and the George team were more than happy to answer.

‘They talked about more than just design, I didn’t know they was a special buyer and mecrchandiser positions too…Important information!’ Lidia, 17.

blog1The group were then taken on a tour of George House including the offices, the Mock Shop,’ and various chill out areas while they explained the George ethos and how it permeates all aspects of their working day. The Fashion Futures teens were pleasantly surprised to glimpse acres of rolling green fields out of the office windows.

With that the day wrapped up and we headed back to the Big Smoke.

‘I feel really lucky to have gone to George and see how the industry works, it was an amazing experience in my life.’ Shanna, 17

Thank you to George for you continued support, and for laying on such a wonderfully informative and educational day.

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