FAD leadership academy campaign #iwishidknownthat

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Thanks to everyone who participated in last month’s #iwishidknownthat campaign. Here Leadership Academy member Kadija talks about why this campaign, and spreading a message of confidence to young people, is so important.

“We really wanted to develop a campaign aimed at promoting confidence in young people; particularly girls aged between 12-16. Drawing from our own experiences, we knew this age is a pivotal point when issues of confidence and self-esteem kick in.

The #iwishidknownthat campaign ran throughout the month of November on social media. We encouraged young people to post a piece of advice they would give to their younger self if they had the chance.


Although the campaign took place primarily online, we also wanted to share our message directly. On 25th of November, Melissa and I went to St Angela’s secondary school in Newham. We did a presentation sixty girls from Year 8 to explain the thinking behind the campaign and to share our top advice and tips.

Confidence is one of those things that no matter how many times it’s talked about, it is easier said than done. As part of our presentation we purposely designed activities so the students could practice the advice we were giving. We achieved this by getting them up and talking in front of the rest of the group.


It was a trip down memory lane being back in a school environment; a reminder of how I felt and acted back in school. It took me back to a place where I was extremely shy and talking in front of anyone was difficult. Looking back at my personal development, FAD’s Leadership Academy has helped facilitate my own growth. A year ago when we started the project, I would have been 100 times less willing to do the presentation. So standing in the assembly hall presenting to that many students was a positive and surreal experience for me.

When we completed the presentation, all those initial fears were dismissed and seeing the enthusiasm and willingness of the students to get involved and share their ideas encouraged me. I felt like we really did make a difference.”

Check out our online confidence resource on twitter and facebook @fad_leadership and share your own advice #iwishidknownthat.

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