#iwishidknownthat November campaign

FAD Projects, Leadership Academy
Do you look back to your teenage years and wish you could just give yourself some advice?

Sadly time machines don’t exist (yet), but you could use your experience to make a big difference to other girls by taking part in FAD’s #iwishidknownthat campaign.

The latest project from our Leadership Academy, the #iwishidknownthat campaign is about boosting the confidence of teenage girls by offering them valuable pieces of advice to support them with the daily pressures they face.

Drawing on their own experiences the LA are spearheading this online ‘big sister’ movement. Throughout November they will be posting and tweeting their home made videos, photos and quotes to spread the message of self-worth to younger girls. 


Keep an eye out for the official launch of the campaign on the 1st of November. Please support the campaign and help young girls by following, reposting, liking and getting involved!

What do you wish you’d known as a teen? Tweet/post your advice, video or selfie along with the hashtag #iwishidknownthat on social media.

Tweet tweet: @fad_leadership

Instagram: @fadleadershipacademy

Spread the word on facebook: Iwishidknownthat

The #iwishidknownthat content will remain online for coming months as an accessible confidence building resource for young women, so get sharing people!






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