FAD Stories: Hana Minowa

2015, FAD Projects, FAD Stories, Fashion Futures
Lewisham lass Hana knows more than a thing or two about Japanese culture, thanks to her parents. She talks to FAD about her ‘Wabi-Sabi’ inspired womenswear design ahead of the Fashion Futures Final next week.
Hana, how does it feel to be a finalist?

“Amazing! My family is really happy.”

How did you end up applying for Fashion Futures?

“My teacher at college thought it would be a good way for me to learn lots of new techniques and gain confidence. I’ve learnt a lot, so much by being a finalist. I learnt how important it is to refine things. Before I didn’t really care about perfecting corners, but I realise it actually makes things look really good.”


Did you enjoy working on the Japanese and Korean theme?

“My parents are Japanese so I was lucky enough  to go to Japan last summer. I saw the sand gardens and became really interested in the concept of Wabi-Sabi, the beauty in imperfection. I’ve really enjoyed focusing on materials and making them look distressed and worn in.”

Tell us about your garment.

“I decided to do womenswear. I’ve used hessian to create an unfinished, raw edge and then turned it inside out, placing the seams on the outside of the trousers. The top is cleaner and white, so it’s a real contrast.”


What do you think of your FAD experience so far?

“I think FAD is a really good opportunity. I think everyone who is interested in fashion should have the chance to try it out because I’ve learnt a huge amount. I didn’t even know how to pattern cut before this experience. I think next year in my second year of A-levels I will be able to use all the knowledge and techniques I’ve learnt a lot.”


What have you enjoyed most?

“I think getting to create my ideas with final materials. Getting to know new people and the finalists. Everyone comes from very different backgrounds and parts of London, but we all have a common interest which is really nice.”

What would you like to do in the future Hana?

“In the future I’m hoping to be a costume designer, or a textiles designer. I’m not sure at this stage which one. I really like films, and I’m also very interested in textures and fabrics.  I don’t think this is advice or anything, but I just think you should pursue what you enjoy most and work hard for it. It’s important to do a career that you enjoy.”

Hana is one of nineteen finalists who will showcase their designs on the London Fashion Week catwalk next week. Read more #FADStories from our young finalists here.
This FAD Story is made possible thanks to sponsorship from George at Asda.

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