FAD Stories: Weronika Biernat

2015, FAD Projects, FAD Stories, Fashion Futures
Weronika, is one of nineteen teen designers currently preparing themselves for their London Fashion Week debut next week. We caught up with Haringey‘s Fashion Futures finalist, to talk about her experience so far.
How does it feel to be an FAD finalist?

“I just couldn’t believe I got through. I’ve never even been to the fashion show. It’s so exciting. I never imagined I would be going to London Fashion week especially at my age.”

What have you learnt while working with FAD?

“I’ve learned so many things while working on the project. I’ve realised how much I love experimenting with original fabrics. The most important lesson for me was to be confident with my work and always make it stand out, make it ‘mine’. Fashion for me has a special ability to make someone feel really good about themselves and that’s why I enjoy it so much.”

Weronika making her garment for London Fashion Week

Weronika making her garment for London Fashion Week

Why did you sign up to do Fashion Futures?

“I signed up for the project, as I wanted to take part in a course where I would be able to gain the skills essential for a career in the fashion industry.  What I really wanted was an overview of fashion design and that’s exactly what FAD offers. I was taught how to design from the very beginning by fashion experts in the industry. They teach you everything from scratch – designing, pattern-cutting, sewing, illustrating etc.”

Tell us more about your garment for London Fashion Week?

“My garment is a transparent PVC ‘upgraded’ kimono coat, with neon quilting and ink blue, faux fur trim. I chose to use PVC and contrasting colors to make the design feel less ‘usual’ – I wanted to make it very unique and flashy.”

Weronika's faux fur trimmed design on jury day

Weronika’s faux fur trimmed design on jury day

What do you think of organisations like FAD and sponsors George at Asda, who provide these opportunities?

“I think they’re very helpful and I’m really grateful. They deserve more recognition and support, because they’re doing something absolutely great. I always recommend FAD to my friends interested in design, as I know that it will be a valuable experience for them and that they will learn so much.”

What are the obstacles for young people like you trying to break into fashion?

“To compete now, and get a place at university, you need to have many skills that are usually not taught in school – sewing, pattern-cutting, illustrating etc.  But if you do Fashion Futures then you learn how to do everything from the scratch. It’s been a great experience for me and I’ve learnt many things in a really short time. It’s definitely worth it and it’s a great course for preparing you to study design at the university.”

What are your hopes for the future?

“I would love to win the competition, it would be a dream come true, but I will do my best and see how it goes. After Fashion Futures I’m 100% sure that I want to do fashion design and that I can do it if I work hard. I want to finish my A-levels and then hopefully progress to the university.”

Weronika is one of nineteen finalists who will showcase their designs on the London Fashion Week catwalk next week. Read more #FADStories from our young finalists here.
This FAD Story is made possible thanks to sponsorship from George at Asda.

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