FAD STORIES: Anakin Telle Nakata

2015, FAD Stories, Fashion Futures
For Fashion Futures finalist Anakin this year’s focus on Japan is more than just another design brief. FAD catches up with the City & Islington student to talk about her Japanese heritage and how FAD is helping her to find creative direction.

What have you learnt by doing Fashion Futures?

“Lots! Mostly techniques, learning how to construct a garment but also about the industry; about all the different roles within fashion not just design. It’s definitely opened my eyes. It’s made me more sure I want to do fashion in the future.”

2015 Fashion Futures Finalist Anakin

2015 Fashion Futures Finalist Anakin

How does it feel to be a finalist?

“Really good I didn’t think I would get through in the beginning. My best friend made me promise I would get through so I could take him to the show in September.”

Have you enjoyed working on the Japanese & Korean inspired brief?

“It was really fun. There is so much you can take from it. Because I’m half Japanese I’ve been to Japan. Their culture is so different from here. Different views and takes on design. It’s either a very modern or very traditionally old place. There is nothing in the middle.

When we did the V&A trip, I saw a vase that was really round, and I loved the shape of it. I wanted to go for quite a simple shape. My garment is unisex and made from neoprene. It’s supposed to be a fish, because for me it’s something I relate a lot with Japan.”

2015 Fashion Futures Finalist Anakin sewing her garment

2015 Fashion Futures Finalist Anakin sewing her garment

What do you think of working with FAD?

“I think FAD is really good. It gives people a way in because they might not have experienced fashion and textiles before. I probably would be less sure about what direction to take without FAD. Even a month ago, I would be like ‘I have no idea’, whereas now I know this is the path for me.”

Why is creative education important to you?

“In schools there isn’t much art. I think a lot of state schools hardly have any art lessons. Art shows you that you don’t have to follow the conventional path of maths, science and English. Those are the ones they say matter at GCSE, but I think art gets overlooked. Not everyone is cut the same way.”

Anakin's finished neoprene design

Anakin’s finished neoprene design

What are your ideal next steps?

“I think after college I would like to take a gap year. Hopefully to do some fashion work experience and to travel. I would like to return to Asia, then maybe apply for uni after that.”

Anakin is one of twenty finalists who will showcase their designs on the London Fashion Week catwalk in September. Read more #FADStories from our young finalists here.
This FAD Story is made possible thanks to sponsorship from George at Asda.

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