INTO Fashion: Top 10 Tips for Using Linked In

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Written by Lilah Francis | @lilah_e_francis
LinkedIn is a social media platform a lot of people have, but are unsure how to use. Not understanding how best to navigate the site means you are not tapping into its full potential.

FAD’s latest INTO Fashion masterclass focussed on using LinkedIn as a means of progressing within the creative industries. Taimi and Victoria from the Karen Millen HR team gave us their top tips for using LinkedIn, offering a fantastic insight into just how useful it can actually be!

 ‘It was a really informative masterclass and made me realise that you can cater LinkedIn to your own style and needs.’ Daps, a participant in FAD’s INTO Fashion program

Scroll down for Taimi’s and Victoria’s top 10 tips.

Tip #1
Consider LinkedIn like a professional Facebook. Keep your content relevant and appropriate, being wary of your online image.

Tip #2
 Make sure your profile picture is friendly, clear and professional – no pouting selfies here! But make sure your image doesn’t appear too corporate, but creative and enthused.

Tip #3
Write status updates around once a week, reflecting on projects you’re working on, something which has inspired you or a link to your portfolio.

Tip #4
If you are successful in getting an interview with a company, ensure you follow them and check out your interviewer’s profile.

Tip #5
Customise your URL with your name so your profile is easier to find.

Tip #6
Attach your CV. Ensure you reattach any updated versions when applying to a job through LinkedIn.

Tip #7
Keep all content short and sweet. LinkedIn is a glimpse into your career and not a life story!

Tip #8
When applying for a certain company, check out their profile and use the same language they do within your own application statement.

Tip #9
Monitor whose looking at your profile. It is a great way to know who to network with.

Tip #10
Join industry specific groups. LinkedIn can be a way of meeting like-minded individuals working in your field.

This masterclass is part of a series organised by FAD for the INTO Fashion employment programme. Read more blog posts from INTO Fashion here.

INTO Fashion is made possible thanks to funding from the Trust For London.

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