INTOFashionEU – 1st Transnational Partners Meeting – Milan May 2015


The FAD team flew to Milan for their first transnational meeting with European partner’s Moda e Moda and Bilbao International Art & Fashion for the INTOFashionEU project.
Day one

After an early start and short flight, the team touched down in Milan! We were both eager to meet our new European partners and excited to get the #INTOFashionEU project underway. After a pizza it was time for the hard work to begin.
The first agenda was to discuss the project, and what we hope young people will gain from the online platform.

FAD and their project partners Bilbao International Art & Fashion and Moda e Moda, want to create a platform that informs young people interested in a career in fashion about different roles in the industry and highlight routes and skills they will need to progress. ‘The platform will have all the information about universities across Europe in one place, making moving abroad to study less daunting.‘ Lauren, FAD.

Nur Gonzalez from Bilbao International Art & Fashion hopes ‘the platform will help develop young people’s futures’. ‘This will be great for young people in Bilbao! They will be made more aware of the opportunities in different countries, have a better understanding of the roles in fashion and how to progress into them.’

Maria from Moda e Moda is equally excited about how the platform is going to affect young people in Italy, ‘this platform is unique and has a focus on fashion, this will really benefit people in Italy. It is going to let them know about the reality of the industry and help decide what their path will be.’

After an afternoon spent brainstorming the project, discussing the research we will need to do and the information to gather, it was time to see a little more of Milan and fill up on delicious roman cuisine!

Milan 2


Day two

It was a beautiful day outside but we were all excited to pick up from where we left off after our first meeting.

We discussed in more detail the different aspects of the platform and what information we want to communicate and the best ways to present this on the site.  We also have lengthy discussions about consultations with the young people and the multiplier events.  The project managers for the three associations worked solidly setting up a memorandum of understanding, working on budgets and making sure we follow the timeline.


Meeting 1


After another long day it was time to enjoy the EXPO Milano!

Blog 1


Blog 2


Day three

Our final day in sunny Milan and our last day of meetings with our partners.  We drew conclusions and set up points of action.  Before leaving we asked the INTOFashionEU team how they found our first meeting in Milan…

Group photo 1


Inspiring, multi cultural and packed!           

Fresh, dynamic and inspirational              

Informative, useful and tasty

It looks like the team is excited to get the INTOFashionEU platform started!

4 logos




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