Thanks to the support of Erasmus+ we have developed an Strategic Partnership with Milan based group, ModaeModi, and Bilbao Arts & Fashion with the aim of developing, testing and implementing a unique digital platform to benefit young people not only in our 3 European countries, but in many other countries, who are considering progression to a career in fashion and design.   Our digital platform will provide specific careers guidance information and employability tools.

Our platform will be

1. Informative: we aim to de-mystify, inform and clarify routes into fashion for young people and  their educators and advisors, breaking down barriers to European mobility and facilitating study in partner European countries.

2. Skills development: we will identify, demonstrate and transmit the technical and professional skills needed to progress in the fashion and design industry

3. Employability: we will show the diversity of different roles available in the fashion and design industry so that the young people know what progression is available.

4. Aspirational – we will create and promote case studies of young people who have progressed into those industries in the past five years: their routes to success and their advice to peers.

Our first transnational meeting will take place in Milan in mid May and we will begin to put together all the information and resources we need.   We will be posting information as we go along, but meanwhile, thank you to Erasmus+ for funding this new FAD initiative.

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