Motivational and Reassuring, Life Coach Alicia Benito Martinez visits FAD!

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Alicia Benito Martinez, a transformational Coach, understands better than anyone how pursuing your dream job takes courage and strength. With a varied career behind her, Alicia spoke to all involved with Into Fashion program about the key to success.

Alicia began the class by sharing some stories of individuals who have risen to fame from meager beginnings, with Vivienne Westwood’s story being exemplary. Such success is only achieved through hard work and this notion coincides with Alicia’s mantra that in order to progress, it takes 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Advice ranged from having ruthless self-belief, to always networking and having a hands-on approach. Furthermore Alicia reminded everyone of the importance of keeping informed with the fashion industry and immersing yourself in culture. But perhaps the best piece of wisdom given was the idea that it takes a long time for dreams to be realised. Life is long and though we live in an instantaneous world, if something’s worth having, it is worth working hard for.

The session then moved onto a personal exercise where each of us reflected upon our goals and how best to achieve them.  This was both calming and reassuring and made the FAD workspace feel even more nurturing and comfortable than usual!

There’s no doubt about it, Alicia’s motivational approach lifted the spirits of everyone involved in Into Fashion, and made us realise that anything is possible with the right attitude.

The FAD Into Fashion masterclasses are funded by Trust for London

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