FAD Leadership Academy: Our Campaign!

Be Inspired, Leadership Academy

We’re now in Year 3 of FAD’s Leadership Academy (LA), and members have put the skills they’ve learned on the programme to great use, planning and running their own projects supporting young people in the community – from helping young people from the Who Cares? Trust to get their message across in Parliament, to creative workshops in schools and community groups.

 This year’s LA members decided to take a different approach to community action.  They’re launching a campaign to improve self-esteem among teenage girls, using their own stories and experiences to inspire a younger generation.



In our first brainstorming session, we discussed beauty and perception, which highlighted the need to question our ideals of beauty, and to put more emphasis on inner beauty.  LA Members came up with imaginative ways to tackle the problem of low-self esteem, including a squad of multicultural Wonder Women helping girls find inner happiness, a coaching camp and outdoor talks by inspirational women.

Wonder women

Watch this space to see how Our Campaign develops!

Aisha - Tihara (2)

Our Campaign is supported by Awards for All

Awards for All


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