Fashion Futures 2015: Happy half term, FAD visit George!


FAD have been super busy this half term with workshops including printing, creative writing & visits to George for industry talks!


George designers Felicity & Lorraine’s industry talk!

Choosing a career path to go down can be very daunting, with so much to think about and consider. George Asda designers Felicity & Lorraine gave us a friendly talk about the ‘ins and outs’ on what it takes to progress in the world of fashion. They took us through the process of designing a collection from the very beginning to when the final garments are made and sold in stores! We had a look at trend analysis, inspiration shopping trips, mood boards, base plans, garment and artwork packs, range build, shop representation and final collection meetings.


Presentation time!

Felicity & Lorraine’s Top Tips:

  •  Once you have chosen to go into something within fashion, don’t think that the end! – You can always launch into other things, fashion & art opens doors for so many other things in life!
  • Make sure your portfolio is up to date – make it fun! Your portfolio should be a mini representable version of you that you’re carrying around.
  • You should always be able to talk through your thought process whilst presenting a piece of work. People like to know the journey you have been on to come up with whatever your final work is. Make sure you are clear and calm.
  • Reputation is everything! – First impressions count just as well as your last impressions, be polite, be friendly, be respectful & be honest.
  • Building good relationships is key. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Always find opportunities to build up your contacts list!

P1020282 Finding it difficult understanding the different job roles within fashion? We kicked off our half term with some great group activities, helping us identify careers in the fashion industry. We also got our creative juices flowing by analyzing fashion magazine images, coming up with descriptive words and sassy slogans for them. We looked at the colours, style of fit, materials, details of the garment and the images inspired history. Practicing these activities are vital as working in the fashion industry you always have to be creative and descriptive with your speech. one P1020239 P1020303 Fashion Futures is proudly sponsored by George at Asda George Logo_white_blackbox


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