Entering the world of work

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Year 10 pupil Tiana has been on work experience with FAD this week – take a look at her diary to see what she’s been getting up to!


Day 1:

Today has been very good. Joanne and the rest of my colleagues are very nice. Joanne explained to me what I would be doing over the next four days. The best part about today was starting my project because it involved a lot of arts and crafts so I could show my creative side.

I learned about the technical side to fashion and having a website where people can purchase your items.

Working is different to school because you don’t have a teacher to constantly tell you what to do and how to do it. You have to know how to do things for yourself and you don’t have to keep asking for something. Also, it is a much smaller environment than school and you are much more responsible for your belongings and your workspace.



Day 2

Today I learned how to use Photoshop and how to create a mood board using it. At first it was really confusing and a bit difficult but after a few times of Joanne showing me I got the hang of it.

I think my mood board came out really well.

I met another one of my colleagues named Tashmar – she is really nice and I helped her out today making letters for the fashion students and cutting out posters.  Also I finally got the chance to answer the phone (it was just the school checking if I was okay) I was so nervous at first but I did it and Maria was cheering me on.




Day 3

 I offered to show Tashmar and Joanne my art and fashion portfolio – they loved it. Tashmar asked if she could use one of my drawings for their campaign because it goes really well with their theme.

Afterwards, I helped Tashmar make phone calls to the Fashion Futures students to see how they were, how they getting on with their work and if they had any questions. I was really nervous at first and worried that I’d mess up but I luckily I didn’t. Also, I got another chance to actually answer the phone today – I think I did pretty well.

Joanne told me about different equipment and styles I could use to draw rather than just pencils and she told about an art shop called Cass art that I should check out (which I will try to do).

I’m definitely going to miss the office and everyone when I finish my work experience because it’s such a nice, small, cosy environment and my colleagues are so friendly.

This experience has taught me that it is hard work having a job because you have to work long hours with only one break (which is lunch) and it’s so quiet. I’ll tell you one thing, it sure made me appreciate school.



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