INTO Fashion: An Insider’s Perspective

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The fashion industry can be fickle, fierce and at times, fearsome: for many fashion graduates finding a way into this fast-paced competitive industry can be challenging and disheartening. FAD’s INTO Fashion program seeks to help graduates in their in-work progression and on Wednesday 18th March, Taimi and Victoria from Karen Millen Human Resources, shared their advice. 

2015-03-18 18.20.04

Top-tips included tailoring your CV to each application, only including relevant information and writing no more than two pages. Furthermore an emphasis was placed upon using every opportunity to network such as visiting art-fairs and entering competitions.

What was most reassuring was that an overriding passion for the creative arts can get you a long way. Many of the participants work within retail and it was refreshing to hear that companies such as Karen Millen really value the transferable skills gained upon the shop floor. Organisation, product knowledge, selling and customer engagement all contribute to a well-rounded applicant.

Kat found this session useful as it was all about ‘knowing how to apply your knowledge’ in the right way, all the while being in a ‘safe, relaxed environment.’ Katie and Eve agreed, and said how rare it was to gain an insider’s perspective.

2015-03-18 17.31

Written by Lilah Francis


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