FAD Leadership Academy Masterclass: Marketing & Branding

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Leadership Academy Master Class: Marketing & Branding

Daisy Boateng, Make Up Brand Manager at L’Oreal Paris joined us to share her professional experiences and to share some tips for the Leadership Academy’s upcoming campaign which will tackle the problem of low self-esteem among teenage girls. LA member Melissa reports.

Daisy was a 2006 Fashion Futures finalist, and since then has volunteered with FAD as a model, backstage dresser and workshop assistant.  She studied Fashion Promotion at UCA and joined L’Oreal Paris after graduating in 2010.

So what makes a great Brand?

Daisy took the specific example of L’Oreal Paris:

  • It has a great tagline “Because you’re worth it!” This was born in the 1970s, when the spirit of feminism was in full swing – the message was all about what the woman thought. It was about her self-confidence, her decision, her style, and this still has resonance with L’Oreal Paris consumers today.
  • Great “spokesmodels” including Jennifer Lopez, Freida Pinto and Helen Mirren– and “Women of Worth”, which recognises the achievements of real women
  • They have the biggest advertising spend in the industry
  • Great heritage – consumers trust the brand
  • They represent aspiration and escapism
  • They are constantly updating and innovating through research and development

Leadership Academy 1

And what can we learn from this to apply to our campaign?

When starting a project the first thing you must do is to ask yourself what your objective is and then set an end date to your project so that it doesn’t get put in the back burner.

In your campaign remember your-

  • Unique selling point
  • Establish your trust and credibility
  • Targeting: know who your audience is
  • Make sure you are part of current trends an innovation
  • Reach- you have to be universally known and memorable! We live in a digital age so our campaign will be hitting every feed on every social platform

Daisy pointed out that every campaign L’Oreal Paris runs is based on years of building up trust and credibility and that should be reflected in the way we present ourselves online and in real life, to do that we must:

  • Be positive and enthusiastic- think before you tweet/speak, if it’s not positive we don’t need any more negative vibes online or in the real world.
  • Have initiative
  • Think outside the box to make yourself memorable
  • Widen your experiences and learn from everybody.

Even after your project has ended, you should keep up the momentum by staying in touch with the people you have worked with and have reached so that your work stays relevant.



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