FAD Competition x FAD Leadership Academy!

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Leadership Academy members Habon & Aisha put their leadership skills to the test volunteering at the 2015 FAD Competition final.  Here, they give us an inside perspective on the night –scroll on down for their interviews with the finalists and their film!

habon & aisha

FAD Competition #PhysicsMeetsFashion was one to remember, taking place in the heart of Covent Garden at the Freemason’s Hall. It was hosted by FAD & Fashion Scout during A/W 15 London Fashion Week.

Our role was to work front of house which included greeting the finalists, escorting them inside to where they would meet the rest of the finalists, and take pictures as well as have pre show drinks.

Habon– Working front of house was very hectic as you have to keep tabs on all of the people coming in and out. I had to hand out name badges to all the finalists – it was really great to meet them, and I also had the opportunity to interview them about their collection.


After finishing up with ushering the finalist indoors, we began the interviewing process. A handful of the finalists were picked and interviewed pre-show, all gushing about how proud and fortunate they felt about being selected to be a part of the holy grail for the designer: having their collection on a runway, during fashion week! Hearing their thoughts prior to the show felt as if we were witnessing a journey of some sorts, they were excitable and humble, it a brilliant insight into their ideas and how they developed into the design stage. They looked on in awe at their masterpieces being paraded in a room full of important people.


As the main event came to an end the finalists, their family members, contributors and the FAD team moved to host everyone in Dragon Hall. For us this was no time to play, joining everyone in the cosy venue we proceeded to pick out finalists to interview. Plucking them away from unwinding, surrounded with their proud families. This was not as easy task, the room was packed, people were even spilling out into the hall, I could count the amount of times I said “excuse me”, it became a reflex.


Francesca Phipps from the Demontfort University, one of the runners up gave us her verbal map, explaining and taking us through the inspiration behind her collection.

Francesca’s eyes light up: “I started listening to beatboxing, how the mouth moves, the sound waves in music.” She goes on to take us through the development of her ideas, she also explains the reasoning behind her choice of theme. Clearly passionate about her ideas, she continues: “Beatboxing originated from Hip-hop, then that made me look into the eighties and nineties, the big silhouettes, the hip-hop artists really influenced me. In terms of print, I looked into the sound waves in beatboxing and then I started creating my own prints from that.” When asked how she felt about being picked as a finalist for the FAD Competition, she enthused “It didn’t hit me at first then I was over the moon!

The event was a major success.  Well done to the FAD team for creating such a spectacular night as well as runners up Francesca Phipps (De Montfort University) and Yeni Park (Nottingham Trent University) and the winner Juniper Lai (London College of Fashion).


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