FAD Competition – Five minutes with 2015 Winner, Juniper Lai

FAD Competition, FAD Stories

We caught up with Juniper fresh from the catwalk, where her innovative menswear collection took the top prize at the 2015 FAD Competition.


How do you feel after your win?

I feel extremely happy to have won the FAD Competition, and honoured to have had the opportunity to show amongst other young talents. FAD has given me a great platform to showcase what I have been doing, an opportunity I couldn’t miss, so to win it too is just wonderful.

How did you find the theme, Physics Meets Fashion

I thought the theme was very relevant to the current trends in fashion, I always feel it is important for designers to acknowledge technological advances. As technology is not permanent and constantly changing, it is for the designers to realise its uses in design and production at the right time and create with it before it moves on so that we have something to hold on to with that technology.

How long were you working on your collection for?

I started on the 3D materials last June with my friend who taught me the ropes of the 3D programming and created the samples. I used them to create garments. We even tried to create 3D zips but unfortunately it still needs more development and was unable to meet this deadline. The collection is ongoing even after FAD, as it is part of my Final Collection at LCF which will be exhibited in June for two weeks.

Is this the first collection/catwalk you’ve taken part in?

It is my first cat walk I’ve ever taken part in. Apart from about 10 years ago, when I was 15, I organised a school one for GCSE textiles in the school canteen. I had never seen so much tie dye and batik in one place haha!

juniper lai 1 low res  

What’s next for you?

I need to complete my Final collection first, I would love to start my own thing if i get some sort of funding, if not I believe you can never stop learning, so I would love to study an MA or work for a fashion house where I can develop my skills and further my experience in the industry

To have my own label would be a dream, but it would be an absolute pleasure to have a design role in a luxury fashion house to sustain a good lifestyle

juniper lai. 2 low res

What’s your advice to anyone thinking about a career in fashion/applying for this Fashion Scout opportunity?

Every aspect of the fashion industry requires full commitment and devotion.  If you are strongly passionate go for it. Fashion scout irrefutably one of the most significant platforms for young emerging talent to showcase their work so if there is something to they want to show, they should apply.


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