Behind the scenes at 2015 #FADCompetition

FAD Competition

FAD volunteer Daniela gives us a glimpse into the hectic world of backstage preparations for FAD’s prestigious runway show.


In a fashion show it takes more than just elegant models to work the runway. There are many frantic hands at work backstage ensuring models get down the runway at the correct time and with the look the designer envisioned. It is the responsibility of the dresser to ensure their allocated models are made-up, dressed and in the right place at the right time. This is where I come in.

 When working as dresser it is key to be dressed in comfortable clothing, you’ll be running around most of the time carrying things this way and that so comfortable attire is essential. Not very fashionable, but it gets the job done.


Working backstage is like being on a rollercoaster. There will be moments where you will be standing around not doing much and then other times where you just don’t seem to stop. There is a lot of running, cleaning, heavy lifting; organizing and you’ll be sweating in places you didn’t even know where possible. Not the best when you have gorgeous models walking around you all the time, but you get used to it.

Volunteering as a dresser for a fashion show is great experience for those who want to pursue a career as a stylist, or just those who want an insight into the fast paced world of fashion.


Working backstage for the FAD fashion show was an amazing experience. Being around so many professionals and working alongside them, really solidified my love and admiration for the fashion industry. The show itself was great success and I think it translated them designers’ visions amazingly. The outfits were beautifully designed and showcased the work of designers we should be on the look out for in the near future.

 Daniela Cardoso



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