Leadership Academy Master class: Public Speaking & Communication.

FAD Projects, Leadership Academy

Speaking in public can be the most frightening thing ever, but fear no more!

We had singer Alex come in to give the Leadership Academy all the advice and techniques needed to overcome these obstacles.

Written by Apprentice, Tashmar Smith 


Singer Alex gives advice!

 Whether you’re acting, giving a speech or going for a job interview, we all get nervous at the thought of speaking in front of an audience. We did some fantastic speech exercises such as reading a short script or song lyrics and adding long pauses, slowing it down dramatically or speeding it right up!

It was a great way of showing us that no matter what you read; your breathing & tone of voice will always set the mood.


Breathing Exercises !


Here are some Top Tips from Alex to get us prepared:

  • Do not judge yourself
  • ‘When you are convinced within yourself, you are consistent’
  • Tone of voice, facial expression & gestures all create great communication – Practice to yourself in a mirror or a friend.
  • When speaking, plan your pauses before hand, if you mess up just simply re-adjust yourself and carry on.
  • Balance your timing well when speaking
  • Posture is everything! First impressions count.
  • Different speeds create different emotions; use this to your advantage.
  • The best way to present yourself is standing straight with your hands in front of you.
  • Knowing how to use your adrenaline will always be have a positive outcome
  • Practice your breathing by doing quick exercises such as, Rolling ‘R’s off your tongue, make sharp ‘Shh’ sounds, cover your ears and make a deep ‘Hmm’ noise so you can hear what your voice actually sounds like.

Lets talk presenting!


We than had presenter and model Annaliese Dayes share with us some of the highlights in her career such as taking part in Britain & America’s Next Top Model, radio appearances and live shows!
Annaliese expressed to us that the more she was exposed to, the more she could figure out what she really loved and what she didn’t.

 ‘Don’t limit yourself, explore & find create your own pathway.’

Everyone has different experiences with communication and they will all be different depending on what it is, for instance speaking on radio is all about the tone of your voice, where as speaking live on stage is all about you and the use of your space to engage the audience.

 With all these different types of presenting Annaliese has done, she’s shared some top tips with us:

  • Try to come out of your comfort zone
  • Always relate to the audience, you will connect with them better’
  • Be prepared to improvise
  • Do not over think things!
  • Learn to discipline and control your nerves
  • Be the best you. Be natural.
  • Remind yourself that you can do anything, move forward and take small steps.

And lastly…

  • ‘Toot your own Trumpet’, no one else is going to do it for you. It keeps you going!




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