Fashion Futures 2015: Designing & Sewing.

2015, FAD Projects, Fashion Futures

We got crazy creative this Saturday at our third Fashion Futures session; we began with some time challenging design exercises using our design brief of Korea & Japan style to inspire us.

Written by Apprentice, Tashmar Smith


Sometimes coming up with quick designs can be challenging and we often spend too much time fussing about! Joanne introduced us all to a great strategy of giving yourself a time restriction on how long you spend on each design, and we created nearly 30 sketches in just under an hour. We were doing 30secs to 20mins timed drawings to really get us to learn how to use time wisely and understand that each sketch does not have to be perfect, it’s about the process of developing your designs one after another, even if it’s just adjusting the shape or length of a garment.


We also had designers Jo & Vera on deck to talk about their experiences within the fashion design industry and how they got there. This was great for us as we gained a lot of tips from them both.

 Top Tip: If you struggle to progress with your designs when working, put an alarm/timer on your phone or use a timer off YouTube to keep you on the go!


 The second half of the day we were sewing away. Hannah lead the workshop and demonstrated how to create ‘bite sized’ Pockets, Waist bands, Seams & Darts to make a mini skirt!

new nnew

Sometimes using a block for a life size garment can be daunting if you are a beginner at sewing, this exercise was a great way for those that hadn’t put a garment together before, it covered areas from what style or size of stitching to use, to how to flat iron your pocket to sit flat on the skirt.

 Top Tip: If you aren’t sure about making something, try creating a small block for it and practice making a mini version first, this way you can really analyse what you have done and it will make it easier for you to spot your mistakes and adjust them.

Fashion Futures is proudly sponsored by George at Asda. 

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