INTOFashion: New FAD Initiative Launches with Progressing in Fashion: A How-to Guide.

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Fashion’s a competitive industry, and after graduating, many talented young people find themselves in low-paid, entry-level employment, with limited prospects of career progression.


Written by Apprentice, Tashmar Smith

FAD’s new career progression campaign, INTOFashion, aims to address this issue, equipping young people with skills, confidence and networks they need to get into better paid, more fulfilling career pathways. It’s a part of FAD’s campaign to make the creative industries more inclusive to people from all backgrounds.

 INTOFashion’s first Masterclass was led by fashion consultant Craig Spellar, whose career spans brands including Pentland, Henry Lloyd and his own label, Harriet’s Muse. Craig shared some great ideas on how to build yourself up for a future fashion career!IMG_8258

 Does this sound like you? Here’s some top tips from the master class to help:

 # You may be told you don’t have enough experience – so make your own!

Get involved in a collective, enter competitions, volunteer to work on exhibitions or events.

#Look at the business of fashion – what’s going on in the industry? If a company is introducing a new design department get ahead of the game and send your CV on spec.

 # Be imaginative – why not go old school and send a letter instead of the typical email!

 # Make sure your any communications you send have a point, are polite & personalised in some way.

 #Contact specific people within the company you are interested in and ask them out for a coffee & chat to get some advice – it makes the approach a bit more personal and friendly.

 # Be relevant and look at the wider context. Know what’s going on with future design directions – eg architecture, technology

 # When planning work experience, think of the bigger picture. Don’t go into it blind – what will you learn? What can you offer them? Will this help you onto your next step?

 Remember whatever you plan to do has to be the best thing for YOU, you need to be patience and have consistency !

 Stay tuned for next month’s master class post for some more top tips!

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