FAD Fashion Futures: Andrea & George at Asda

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AS FAD prepares to launch Fashion Futures 2015 this Saturday at the V&A, we catch up with 2014 winner, Andrea, to talk about how FAD & George at Asda are helping her to #FashionAFuture.

Andrea (third from left) with the other FAD mentees at George HQ

Professional Mentoring

“After winning the Fashion Futures final in September I received the good news that I had also been selected as a mentee by George at Asda. I was over the moon, as I knew that this would be a great opportunity to get guidance and support from a professional working in the fashion industry.

All the mentees went to Leicester for the day to visit the George head office and meet our mentors for the first time. We had a complete tour of the building, where we were able to see different departments like the buyers section. Visiting the head office gave us a real feel for what the industry is like and we could see how everyone plays an important part in making the whole process happen.

Andrea& George_02

Andrea gets creative with her George mentor

We were all a bit nervous about meeting our mentors for the first time, so to break the ice we did a little activity where we had to make a list of all the things we had in common with our mentor. The pair that had the most things in common won a little prize, which surprisingly was my mentor, Emma, and I!

Each mentor and mentee were then given the task of designing a shoe; which we had to present to the rest of the group. My mentor and I decided to design a heel marketed at someone like Victoria Beckham. The challenging part was that we had to make a small version of our heel out of card among other things. Despite our best efforts to hold in place the shape of the heel, it kept falling apart.

It was an amazing experience and even though we didn’t win we had a great time. I feel really privileged to have a George mentor. I can see that I will be able to learn a lot from her over the next year.

Real Work Experience
Photo 15-12-2014 11 04 50

Andrea talks through her portfolio with a member of the George design team

“The day I spent on work experience with the George design team was very exciting and everyone was so welcoming. I truly felt like a member of the team.

When I first arrived I was welcomed by one of the print designers and she told me that I was going to work in the Intimate Apparels department for the day.

My first task was to research images of nightwear which looked ‘Christmassy’. Later I and the opportunity of using photoshop- something I’ve never used before. I got to look at all the designs the team had come up with, while arranging them on trend boards.

In just one day I got a real insight into what designers have to do to create designs. Hopefully in the not too distant future I’ll be doing the same.”

Fashion Futures 2015 will launch at the V&A this Saturday 17th January. There are still a handful of places available. If you are interested in taking part please email maria@fad.org.uk by Friday 16th January. For more details visit the FAD website.

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