FAD Masterclass: How to Smash An Interview

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Are you finding the idea of uni, job or apprenticeship interviews really scary? Well the panic is over! In the second of our Leadership Academy Masterclasses, our industry speakers talk about the importance of professional etiquette and share their top tips on how to smash an interview.

Dress Smart

Remember you are entering a professional environment. Making sure you are presented well on the outside is the first chance for you to make a good impression on your interviewer. First impressions are really important.


Wherever or whatever you have applied for, it is vital that you have done your research on the company or place. It shows the interviewer that you are really keen and serious about the position you have applied for. It can also help break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

Be On Time

Make sure you plan your journey and that you leave yourself some extra time, just in case there are any problems on your travels. It’s also wise to try and get there at least 10 mins before the interview. You can use this extra time to settle down and really prepare yourself before you go in.


In most cases you will greet the interviewer with a handshake – you have to make sure your handshake game is on point! Try to do it quite firm so that it shows you are confident and ready. Eye contact is also a must; it’s the best way to show you are genuinely engaged in the situation. If you are unsure just get a friend and practice with them before hand.

Body Language & Attitude

Be alive in your interview, the worst thing to do is lounge in your seat and have the face of someone who would rather be somewhere else. Make sure you sit up straight and smile, even if it is the most boring interview in the world; you need to consistently show that you are interested. A smile and great posture can take you a long way.

Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions, if you have already done your research on the company then find some interesting points to bring up and ask about. Also, remember that you are being interviewed but you should also be interviewing the person/company to see if it is the best place for you. Use the interview as a way of getting the ins & outs of what you have applied for so you are fully prepared.

Last impressions

This is JUST as important as your first impressions. It’s also a good way of redeeming yourself if you need to. You want to be remembered but for the right reasons, a good tip is to prepare a mood board or piece of work you have done on the company to show you have really invested your time and gone the extra mile.


Always say thank you

Sounds simple right? It is always a nice touch to drop your interviewer an email once you’re home to say thank you for their interest and for their time. You will be surprised how much of an impact these little gestures can make.


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