FAD Supports Creative Project in Uganda

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When a group of art students decided they were heading to Uganda to run their own creative project with school children in Kampala, FAD were on hand to lend advice and donate materials. Here young project leader, Claudia Chircop, talks about their volunteering experience.

“When we mentioned that we will be going to Uganda for voluntary work with children in Kampala, FAD where thrilled!

We were very enthusiastic, had lots of plans and interesting sessions programmed for the kids, however we had no materials and no funds. As I was excitingly explaining to the FAD team about our journey and all the artistic projects we had planned for the children, they immediately offered to sponsor us with materials from buttons, colours, stationary, needles, threads, t‐shirts and drapery to lots of other colourful, fun and creative bits and pieces.

Uganda (1)

Uganda (3)

In no time at all, it was all packed and labeled ready to meet the creative minds of the children in Kampala. We had planned lots of different creative activities from drawing the typical flora and fauna of different countries, to painting, sewing, collaging and creating objects out of different coloured drapery. Drawing on t-­shirts and creating their own garments was a special highlight for the children. At a grand fashion show in front of the entire school, the children proudly and confidently walked along the catwalk, exhibiting their masterpieces. All of this was made possible by the sponsored materials from FAD.


We were amazed by how enthusiastic the children were, especially when introducing a media that they had never seen before. Although the concept of sharing didn’t come so naturally to them, teaching them and watching them learn was a great experience. The children’s energy and happy faces when creating, building and drawing was simply electric! The process of working in a group, brainstorming ideas together whilst they put their beautiful and imaginative little worlds on paper was really inspiring.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to FAD for providing the artistic materials that made our experience, and most importantly the children’s, a truly memorable one!”

Are you a young person with a creative project idea? Do you want to give back to other young people and children in your local London area? It’s not too late to join the FAD Leadership Academy. Email info@fad.org.uk for more information.

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