Meet The Fashion Futures Finalist: Andrea, 18

2014, FAD Projects, FAD Stories, Fashion Futures
Andrea is an old head on young shoulders. At the tender age of 18, she is already gaining work placements with the likes of Ralph Lauren. FAD catches up with the aspiring designer ahead of tonight’s Fashion Futures final.

Why did you apply to do FAD?

I thought it would be a really good opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge. It feels amazing to be a finalist – I’m literally speechless. The whole experience has been great. FAD helps you to expand and find new ways of doing things. Hopefully this will be a good experience to help me in the future.

Where would you like to see yourself in two years time?

Finishing uni and getting a fashion degree. I would love to be a fashion designer, working for myself and having my own company one day.

How was making your garment for London Fashion Week?

The week at UEL was great for my pattern cutting skills; just having that concentrated time to develop and learn more. Getting to see other people’s work motivates you to want to progress in life, and go to university. Being in a uni environment gives you new ideas.IMG_4520

What’s the biggest thing you have learnt about yourself through the FAD process?

I’m capable of anything as long as I put my mind to it, and give 100% of myself. That if I’m focused I can really achieve something.

Why is it important for organisations like FAD and George to support young people?

I think it’s great that FAD and George are supporting young people like me to get into the industry. There aren’t that many opportunities for young people at the moment. It’s great to get the knowledge and experience. I’m really thankful George have decided to sponsor FAD.

Are there any challenges facing young people like you when progressing into a job?

I guess for young people like me it might be hard to find a job at the end of everything. A lot of young people I know are going to uni, coming out and are just sat at home because they can’t find work. A lot of employers are looking for experience above a degree these days, which is really hard for teenagers my age to get. Next week I’m going to work with Ralph Lauren as a clothing design assistant, just for a weeks work experience. I’m looking forward to having the chance to see how things really work.

Andrea’s design will debut on the London Fashion Week catwalk tonight, along with 22 other teens, in the 2014 Fashion Futures final. Follow @fadcharity on twitter for the latest news from the event.

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