Meet the Fashion Futures Finalist: Renee, 17

2014, FAD Stories, Fashion Futures
FAD catches up with South London Fashion Futures finalist and St. Philomenas very own Renee John-Baptiste. Chatting behind the scenes with scissors at hand, Renee fills Ivy in on how it feels to be a Fashion Futures finalist.

So Renee, why did you decide to take part in the Fashion Futures course?

I decided to do the Fashion Futures course because I want to go into costume design after I finish sixth form. I thought taking part in the course would help me to develop my skills and get a better understanding of the design process, to develop my skills and to meet other young people who are into the same stuff as me. I was also interested in the competition side of it – the chance to showcase at London Fashion Week.

FAD FF Summer School 2014 (6)

Representing for the menswear. Why did you choose to design a menswear outfit and not womenswear?

I love menswear. I love how different menswear is from womenswear, so designing a menswear piece was a no brainer for me. My garment is a structured jacket with a wide open front and back, inspired by renaissance and historical Italian fashion with a modern twist. Its sort of a modern take on the doublet.

It’s been quite hectic over the last week. How has it been making your garment for the catwalk?

I’ve found the workshops really good. I’ve learnt how important it is to manage your time well and anticipate stuff not going according to plan – this is fashion!


Where do you hope to see yourself in the next few years?

In the next few years I hope to have completed a Foundation course in either Art and Design or Fashion and then I would like to move on to a degree – hopefully abroad doing costume design for theatre or TV.

Why do young people like you need the support of FAD?

I think it’s really good for young people to learn more about industry. FAD is an insight into what we might be doing in the future. It feels like a real opportunity, like doing work experience. Because of our age its hard to get employed, or find work experience so FAD gives us a chance to experience what industry is really like.

What do you think of Renee’s design? Tweet us @fadcharity. Look out for more interviews with our young finalists who will be showcasing their designs at London Fashion Week on Tuesday 16th September.


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