Arbresha and Rosie team up with the Who Cares? Trust

FAD Projects, Leadership Academy
FAD Leadership Academy members Arbresha and Rosie joined forces to create and manage a very special project with young people from the Who Cares? Trust.


With an emphasis on  bridging communities, the young leaders developed a project to give teenagers in care an insight into working in the design industries. Their ‘mini foundation’ course took place at the FAD offices in Hackney on a sunny day in July. We catch up with the talented twosome to find out how it went.

“Being a part of the FAD Leadership Academy this year has been fantastic and we were really excited to plan and lead on a project of our own. We wanted to show the young people of the Who Cares? Trust how to be creative while having fun. We have both just graduated from a foundation degree at London College of Fashion, so we were able to use the skills we have learnt while at university to teach other young people. It was why we could be enthusiastic and passionate about this project.



Our aim was to introduce to the young people of the Who Cares? Trust to the a hands-on approach to art and design, with the main goal being to create one-off, customized t-shirts. Starting in the morning we took part in some icebreakers activities so that everybody could feel more relaxed and get to know one another.


We were so surprised to see how creative and determined everybody was, especially given the fact most of them had never done art or design before. The best part of the workshops for us was how everyone’s individual design was so personal and had meaning behind it. Each person took inspiration for their t-shirt design from their everyday life and experiences.


Overall doing this project was great. We have learnt so much about planning and putting together a project and experiencing first hand how much work goes in to teaching and managing workshops.”

Thank you to all the talented young designers from the Who Cares? Trust. We look forward to working with you again! Read more about the amazing work of the Who Cares? Trust on their website.

Are you aged 17-24 years old? Have you got what it takes to be a young leader and want to be part of a project that will benefit your local communities? Applications for the 2014/15 FAD Leadership Academy are now open. Email for more information.

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