FAD Leadership Academy: Maths and Art made fun!

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FAD Leadership Academy member Katie likes a challenge. She decided to design a creative project which would make maths more accessible and fun to school children. We catch up with Katie post workshops to find out how she and her team of young volunteers got on with their day of ‘Digit Sums’ at The Laurels School in South London.

“Having been to the Leadership Academy masterclasses I used all the advice from the guest speakers to do a project that combined both maths and art; two disciplines that I am extremely passionate about. I have a personal connection with both subjects so I knew that would give my workshop a refreshing perspective. With guidance from my Leadership Academy mentor I was able to put together a project that I was really happy with.  



I began the session by introducing general elements of mathematics and then went on to explain what the workshop was about; which was to take a boring subject like maths and make it fun and creative with the help of art. I had the students create Digit Sums, which they then printed onto their own customised tote bags. There was a real spectrum of creativity across the group; some girls used more complex designs whereas others went for the more simplistic route. The tote bag itself was pretty basic and we had pre-cut them all before hand so that it would be easier for the students.


I was really shocked with how creative and imaginative they all were with just a sheet of paper and a plain tote bag. There was a lot of embellishment and customising to the point where the digit sums became new works of art.  I have never been a position where I had to be the teacher, or where other people depended on me to lead them, so it was quite a nerve racking but a really great experience. It was very empowering to some extent. My organisation skills have improved tremendously and I have developed a lot more confidence in interacting with larger groups. I would love to continue doing projects/workshops with FAD.”




Well done to Katie and the other Leadership Academy members who volunteered in the project. 

Are you aged 17-24 years old? Have you got what it takes to be a young leader and want to be part of a project that will benefit your local communities? Applications for the 2014/15 FAD Leadership Academy are now open. Email info@fad.org.uk for more information.

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