Intrigue Emporium Supports FAD

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FAD was delighted to be part of the Intrigue Emporium summer show which took place last month at Shoreditch Town Hall, a new event  celebrating British made, high-end goods. 

From one-off fashion garments to uniquely sculpted crafts, the event showcased a selection of the finest works from British designers across the UK. We caught up with Chloe, the co-founder of Intrigue Emporium to give us the low down on this awesome new initiative and supporting FAD.

What is the concept/ethos behind Intrigue Emporium?

After launching my own label I noticed how difficult it is to get a strong foothold in the creative industries, for example finding affordable places to showcase my work and sell directly to customers. When I did trade at popular markets in London I found that I was often competing with wholesalers selling mass-produced garments at incredibly low prices. So this ultimately drove me to launch Intrigue Emporium to give a much-needed platform to emerging designers and celebrate ethical British talent.


Intrigue Emporium provides an affordable but luxury pop-up environment for designers who are ethically designing and manufacturing their work in the UK; whether it be fashion, jewellery, accessories, object d’arts or home-wares.

Our online portal supports designers right through the process with free business school tutorials, workshops and other essential mentoring guides needed to help young designers get their business off the ground and still have fun.

After showcasing at our events designers are supported with the opportunity to sell via the Intrigue Emporium online store, launching this summer, and are kept listed in all future event guides.


How have you been working with FAD?

I got in touch with the team at FAD to offer them a platform at our Intrigue Emporium to promote the designs of the young people who they work with. We also really wanted to give their young people an opportunity to volunteer at the event at Shoreditch Town Hall, to gain some industry experience. We had a lot of help from the FAD Leadership Academy and Fashion Futures programme.

It was fantastic for us to have fresh opinions and energy in the office as we were preparing for the event and on the day and hope this can continue to become an on-going relationship

Who are the people behind Intrigue Emporium?

I graduated in 2012 from London College of Fashion with a degree in Fashion Design Lingerie and have since gone on to attend numerous workshops and events geared towards young entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

I work very closely with my partner Sylivia Thomas who joined Intrigue Emporium in September 2013. We have a lot of support from collaborators and volunteers across various industries including food, music, photography and events management.

We received sponsorship from O2 Think Big for the Summer Show, and have been awarded further sponsorship from University of the Arts London for the Autumn Show.


What’s next for Intrigue Emporium?

We are now putting all our energy into the autumn show which is taking place on September 28th at Shoreditch Town Hall; growing the online business club mentoring portal and the online Intrigue store.


Thank you to Intrigue Emporium and we look forward to the autumn show. Read more about their initiative online at

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