FAD Leadership Academy: Annie & Akshy’s Wildlife Adventure

FAD Projects, Leadership Academy
Last week FAD Leadership Academy members Annie and Akshy combined their love for animals and art in a creative project at Borough’s Charles Dickens Primary School.

The youngsters of Little Dorrit class spent an afternoon with the FAD duo learning about endangered animals from different countries across the world, and making their very own animal masks. 

“For our Leadership Academy project we wanted to combine the two subjects that we love, biology and art, and really challenge ourselves by setting aiming the project to primary school children in reception classes, so aged 5 and 6 years old. An audience we have never had experience working with before.


Akshy busy making masks in the workshop

Our project was around endangered animals, and the different ways we as humans can help to keep these animals alive. We began the session with a presentation about the different endangered species such as pandas, turtles, gorillas, tigers and bald uakaris. We chose these specific animals so that the children could relate to them from certain Disney cartoons such as “Terk” the gorilla from Tarzan.

After our presentation we set the children the challenge of designing and making their very own face mask, inspired by an endangered animal. It was at this point that we really understood the meaning behind the saying “the innocence of childhood”. We were taken aback by the level of imagination and creativity from the children.


“I think what we enjoyed the most was seeing how their minds work; how they interpret things”


The little adventurers of Little Dorrit class with their endangered animal masks

There were so many funny moments at Charles Dickens Primary School. Seeing how enthusiastic and inquisitive the children were and how much they loved art was such a rewarding experience. Some of the masks they created could have easily matched textile samples at KS3 level. For us, I think what we enjoyed the most was seeing how their minds work; how they interpret things. We loved the mask below decorated with tiger print fabric and blue tissue paper.


A tiger mask

When we started the FAD Leadership Academy in September we would have never thought we could teach 30 students, let alone 5-6 year olds, but now we are more confident ourselves and have definitely developed invaluable leadership skills as a result.”


FAD Leadership Academy members and project managers Annie and Akshy with FAD’s Varsha Odedra

COL_LOGO_2COL_Blk_v2 LA Orange


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