GRADUATE FASHION WEEK: 5 minutes with Hattie Buckwell

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Check out our catch-up interview with Competition finalist and UWE Bristol graduate Hattie Buckwell. Hattie was also shortlisted as a finalist for the GFW Ethical and Mulberry Accessories Awards.  Read all about Hattie’s Microclimate collection and her love for tactile textiles.

How has taking part in the FAD Competition helped you with producing your graduate collection?

Taking part in the FAD Competition really highlighted how much I can achieve in such a short amount of time. It also made me really ambitious with my final collection which has resulted in me having a diverse portfolio.


What’s your graduate collection called?

My collection is called Microclimate.

Tell us a bit about the concept behind your collection.

Microclimate is an adaptable weather-ready collection; in this collection you will find silhouettes that are saturated with colour and layered with tactility.


You’ve used some really interesting fabrics in this collection. Could you describe some of the materials?

I have combined hybrid textiles with a mixture of materials, such as silk, latex, perforated suede and water proof denim. I’ve used jersey off-cuts to create jersey yarn which I used to make a chunky knit roll-neck for one of my outfits.

2014FAD_GraduateFashionWeek_Hattie_Buckwell 02

What advice would you give to students looking to study fashion?

Go for it! Never limit your focus and interests and don’t be afraid to experiment with everything and anything. Use your first year of uni to play around and find out what interests you. Use your second year to refine and develop your skills, so that when you get to third year you have a wealth of exciting processes and materials to create your signature graduate collection.

So you will be graduating soon any ideas on what you want to do next?

I aim to work in a cross-disciplinary studio space, and work on collaborative projects and commission work. I’d love to do some more travelling and continue to explore textiles from different parts of the world.

hattiebuckwell 18

Feeling inspired by Hattie’s story? FAD have officially launched the 2015 FAD Competition for 2nd and 3rd year fashion/textile students. Read more about the FAD Competition for university students on our website.
Catch up on all the highlights of FAD at GFW here. 

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