FAD catches up with FAD Competition finalist Singyu

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Check out our catch up interview with Competition finalist and London College of Fashion menswear graduate Singyu Chan.

How has taking part in the FAD Competition helped you with producing your graduate collection?

Taking part in the FAD Competition presented me with an amazing opportunity to collaborate with my design partner Yuan who was a textile student specialising in knitwear; this opened me up to new forms of designing. It was a great opportunity to see parts of my graduate collection on the catwalk at London Fashion Week.

What is the concept behind your collection?

My concept is based on Metamorphosis.


Have you named your collection? If so tell us what you’ve called it.

I didn’t have any ideas on what to name my collection and I still have no idea! Maybe I will title my collection Metamorphosis?

What advice would you give to students looking to study fashion?

I love studying fashion, it is very interesting but at the same time still very tough. You need to have thick skin if you want to study fashion and be in the industry. My advice to new students would be to pay a lot of attention during design and practical session – this is where you will learn most of your essential skills.


What’s next?

Look for a job in the fashion industry and hopefully work in the UK. In the future, I aim to set up my own label.

Singyu 2

Feeling inspired by Singyu’s story? FAD have officially launched the 2015 FAD Competition for 2nd and 3rd year fashion/textile students. Read more about the FAD Competition for university students on our website.
Catch up on all the highlights of FAD at GFW here. 

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