FAD Reunion: Celebrating 10 years of Fashion Futures

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The FAD Reunion was an evening to remember. FAD’s Ivy Scarlett takes a trip down memory lane catching up with past students and volunteers as they return to FAD to celebrate 10 years of the Fashion Futures project.

The Fashion Futures project for 16-19 year olds helps young people gain practical skills and learn more about the fashion industry and the different career paths. I took part in the project when I was at college, and on the night I felt a real sense of unity and pride.  I felt privileged to be a part of the reunion, to have the opportunity to re-connect with other Fashion Futures students who have moved forward in their lives.

It was the perfect opportunity to meet other young people who have taken part in the project and have now gone on to achieve degrees and jobs working in the creative industries.




David Short won the FAD Junior Awards back in 2010. He is now studying at London College of Fashion and interning at Tom Ford. We asked David what advice he would give to other young students interesting in doing the Fashion Futures project and he told us,

“Be happy to experiment and just be open to all the different opportunities that will come in your way”

FADReunionParty2014_Photographyby_Bela_Varadi (5)

Since taking part in the project  four years ago in Salford, Kimberly has gone on to study Fashion Design & Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University.

“The best part of the Fashion Futures project was learning new skills and learning about the different career paths within the industry” says Kimberly Boton, 2010 Fashion Futures Finalist.


The evening was perfect in more ways than one. Films of the FAD Junior Award catwalk shows from the past 10 years were streamed, alongside past project photos and refreshments sponsored by the lovely people at “The Welsh Pantry 4-4-2 Catering


A photo booth area put together by the FAD team proved too irresistible with guest after guest lined up to take cheeky pictures for memorabilia.


The evening ended with a toast to the legacy of the Fashion Futures project by FAD CEO Maria Alvarez, and a huge thank you to the talented young people and volunteers who have made the project possible over the last 10 years.


“They’ve been so supportive; without them following my dream would not be possible”  – Kush, 2008 Fashion Futures finalist.

FADReunionParty2014_Photographyby_Bela_Varadi (4)

2014FAD_Reunion_Party_07 crop

FAD will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Fashion Futures project this September with a catwalk show at London Fashion Week showcasing the outstanding designs of 23 talented finalists.

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