Graduate Fashion Week: 5 Minutes with Lucia Graham

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FAD’s Ivy Scarlett caught up with Competition finalist and DeMontfort University graduate Lucia Graham at Graduate Fashion Week (GFW). Read all about Lucia’s ‘Megalomani’ graduate collection.

How did taking part in the FAD Competition help with producing your graduate collection?

FAD was a great turning point for me as I got to see my outfits showcased on a professional level. This gave me the drive to push my final collection much further.

What is the concept behind your collection?

I looked at materialism; the way in which opulence is imposed on us and we feel the need to succumb to a specific lifestyle. The world has adopted a Scout like ranking system where the more badges you gain, the higher you are perceived to be. I really wanted to produce a collection that showcased this idealism.


What’s your collection called?


What advice would you give to young people looking to study fashion?

Never give up. There will be times when you want to! Be very open minded and take notes from everyone around you.

What’s next?

My main goal is to be an established menswear designer, though I would like to try my hand at various roles within the industry to develop myself as a designer first.

GraduateFashionWeek_2014_PhotographybySimon Ventenilla_09

Feeling inspired by Lucia’s story? Download the 2015 FAD Competition launch pack on our website. 
Catch up on all the highlights of FAD at GFW here. 

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