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A collection for the youth by the youth! We catch up with 2014 FAD Competition finalist Veronica Peduzzi-Davies from the University of East London to talk graduate collections.

How has taking part in the FAD Competition helped you with producing your graduate collection?

Taking part in the FAD Competition helped me to get a better understanding of what is involved in putting together a collection; I feel like I understand the design process better.

2014GraduateFashionWeek_VeronicaPeduzziDavies_03What is the concept behind your collection?

For my graduate collection I looked at the work of artist Mike Kelley which inspired me to explore youth culture. In my collection you will find a lot of over-sized silhouettes and embroidery.

2014GraduateFashionWeek_VeronicaPeduzziDavies_02What advice would you give to students looking to study fashion?

Studying fashion is intense so be prepared to work really hard and put in the hours! If you can try to learn basic technical skills before beginning your course – this will help you a lot!

What’s next?

I have been very lucky to land myself an awesome job in the buying team at Urban Outfitters! I will be starting my new job in June. Though I aim to still continue designing and collaborating with other young designers.

Feeling inspired by Veronica’s story? FAD will be at GFW on Monday 1st June to launch the 2015 FAD Competition. Read more about the FAD Competition for university students on our website.
Read more about what FAD will be up to at GFW here.

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