Graduate Fashion Week Preview: Bryony Strange

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Constellation maps, Astrophotography and much more. FAD catches up with competition finalist Bryony Strange from Edinburgh College of Art ahead of Graduate Fashion Week (GFW) to talk about her latest collection.

How has taking part in the FAD Competition helped you with your graduate collection?

The FAD Competition helped me to become more focused, especially with my design ideas. After taking part in the competition I had a better understanding of what my signature style was and how I wanted my graduate collection to look.

I also learnt how to manage my time better which gave me the opportunity to experiment with fabrics more.

2014GraduateFashionWeek_BryonyStrange_01Could you tell us a bit about your graduate collection?

I started looking at visual aesthetics within constellation maps including my father’s Astrophotography; from there I went on to look at graphic and linear artworks by the artist Gabriel Orozco.

My collection consists of digitally printed organza and detailed fabric manipulation such as cutting and panelling.

I’ve used chains and resin as decorative and functional details.

2014GraduateFashionWeek_BryonyStrange_02What advice would you give to students looking to study fashion?

Start saving your pennies from now! Studying a fashion design course is fun but very expensive especially if you are living out. Intern as much as possible; its one thing to learn about fashion and another thing to actually experience working in the industry. Experience is invaluable – you can never have too much!


What’s next?

Sleep and lots of it!

 FAD will be at GFW on Monday 1st June to launch the 2015 FAD Competition. Read more about the FAD Competition for university students on our website.

Read more about what FAD will be up to at GFW here.

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