FAD Masterclass: 10 Expert Tips for Organising an Event

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Dennis Nothdruft, curator at the Fashion & Textiles Museum (FTM) and Martyn Roberts, Founder & Director of Fashion Scout give the Leadership Academy members a step-by-step guide on how to organise an winning event.

1. Brand Awareness

If you are setting up an event for a brand, company or charity know who the target audience is that you are trying to attract. Martyn Roberts, Founder & Director of Fashion Scout advises asking yourself the following questions before you begin: “Why are you doing this event? Who is your target audience? Where will the event be held? How are you going to use the space provided?

2. Organise Your Guest List

Create your guest list in an Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are a great way to record and keep track of who you want to invite, who you have invited, guests who have responded to your invitation, guests that have confirmed their attendance and guests who have declined.

3. Choose Your Date Carefully

When setting the date make sure to really consider the following: who are your target audience for this event? Are they people who work Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm? Think about whether your event would be better placed on a weekday or weekend depending on who you want to attend. 

“Be aware of when you can hold your event … revise your calendar!” Martyn Roberts, Founder & Director of Fashion Scout


4. Time Frame

You really need to think about how long your event is going to last. What time will the event be starting and what time will it be finishing? The time that your event will start and finish will depend mostly on the date and the type of event.

5. Finish Time

Though this will come under the umbrella of ‘Time Frame’ the finish time is an important point in itself. If you have hired a venue until a specific time you need to  leave enough time (and people) at the end to clean and tidy up!

6. Set design

Find ways to be creative with the resources that you have. Make use of the space and don’t leave empty corners. As curator of exhibitions at the FTM this is something Dennis Northdruft knows a lot about:

“Consider decorations, props … create a complete environment” 


7. Refreshments

One thing that all guests have in common – they like to drink and they like to eat! A good event should have some type of refreshments, drinks and some nibbles at least.

8. Staff

Naturally you will position people at the front entrance to welcome your guests and direct them into the event. This welcome is really important in setting the tone for your event, so make sure you choose friendly faces for the job. Once your guests are inside you will also need people to circulate around the venue making sure that everything is running smoothly.

9. Security

Something often overlooked when thinking about events. Depending on the venue will security be done by the workers already working the event? Or will external/professional security need to be hired? Again, the decision to hire professional security will be dependent on the type of event that you are holding, the location/venue and the guests who will be attending.

10. Be Flexible

Although you will have a plan of how things should run on the day, remember to be flexible, as things can change at the last minute. 

A massive thank you to our guest speakers Dennis Northdruft and Martyn Roberts for last week’s amazing masterclass. Did you find this blog post useful? Get more top tips from our Leadership Academy Masterclasses here.

Are you a young person interested in gaining events experience? Contact FAD to register your interest as an events volunteer. 


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