George Footwear Customising & Styling Workshop

2014, Be Inspired
FAD Sponsor George at Asda challenge Fashion Futures 2014 teens to ‘Pimp their Sneakers’ for an inspirational person of their choice.

The teens of Fashion Futures 14 were set another exciting customising challenge, re-designing a batch of George sneakers and pumps for an inspirational person of their choice.

009_George shoes workshop_CC_20140410_0014

Karmen’s colourful sneaker was inspired by the fashion savvy, singer/songwriter Solange Knowles.

013_George shoes workshop_CC_20140410_0020

Using black fineliner and spray paint, Seada designs an edgy shoe for London’s very own Charlie Chaplin.

018_George shoes workshop_CC_20140410_0030

Angela’s painted and dyed sneaker inspired by her muse Dakota Fanning

Solange Knowles, Gwen Stefani, Dakota Fanning and Charlie Chaplin were some of the muses that inspired these show-stopping pieces

The workshop ended with the students modelling their customised shoes for an FAD street style photo shoot!


Check out what the teens think about George …

“I think that George is really awesome! The stuff that FAD offer is great and gives a lot of young people many opportunities to prosper.

From taking part in the industry day I got to learn more about the different jobs at George in particular the design process of how a designer puts out a clothing range each season” Seada, Fashion Futures 2014 participant

FAD Volunteer Karmen, gives her views on George’s collaborative projects with FAD:

“It gives a chance for young people to think outside of the box and really tap in to their creative skills. George getting involved with the projects that FAD run really helps young people get a insight into the industry and what it is like to work in the fashion industry”

A massive thank you to George for sponsoring FAD’s customising workshops and a special thank you to Cecilia Colussi for leading the photo shoot.

Fashion Futures 2014 is sponsored by George at Asda

George Logo_white_blackbox


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