Judgement Day for FAD Young Designers

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10 weeks and 11 workshops later, the 2014 Fashion Futures course came to an exciting climax at the 2014 Jury Day.

The budding designers have worked tremendously hard over the past few weeks – immersing themselves into the fast paced world of fashion, learning valuable skills and gaining a stronger insight in to what is involved in working in the industry.

From figure drawing to pattern cutting and print workshops to industry days – the students of Fashion Futures 2014 have a come a long way and blossomed into young designers.


The Jury Day began with the students preparing their finished toiles, A2 mount boards, sketchbooks and illustrations. In groups the students anxiously awaited their turns to present to the judges their interpretation of this year’s Future Continental brief.

On the North London Panel was Louise Ibak, Womenswear designer at George| Becky Perry, designer at River Island | Nicola Francis, Knitwear Design Consultant and Fran Lawton from FAD.

3The panel of judges in South London included the following, Fiona Howard from LeSoCo, Carol Robb Founder of Ecora homeware , Maria Alvarez, FAD CEO and Naomi Lynch, freelance garment technologist

Each student presented their work to perfection and left the judges amazed at the level of creativity and professionalism from their exciting and innovative designs.  After presenting their work the students took a well deserved break and reflected on their experience of the course. Here are some positive feedback that our young people gave:

4The best thing about the course was the excellent teaching and support that we got throughout the course. I found new ways of manipulating fabric into unique and exciting designs.” – Brandy, Lambeth

“My favourite part of the course was definitely the number of new skills I have learnt and being taught by professionals who know so much about the industry.” – Bethany, Lewisham

“For me, the best part of the whole Fashion Futures course was the pattern cutting workshops. It has boosted my confidence a lot now that I have learnt how to do it. I am very excited to use these new skills that I have learnt in the future.” – Kaydian, Southwark


We would like to give a massive thank you to all the volunteers who volunteered their time and skills over the 10 weeks for the 2014 Fashion Futures programme!

Fashion Futures 2014 is supported by Youth In Action UK and George at Asda.

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Youth In Action UK
Youth In Action UK



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