FAD Leadership Academy visit The Guildhall

Leadership Academy

Last Monday members of the FAD Leadership Academy were invited as special guests on a visit to the legendary Guildhall, home to the City of London Corporation and FAD Leadership Academy sponsors, the City Bridge Trust.

Visit to Guildhall 3 (Edited)

Having first been greeted with a warm welcome from Dennis Cotgrove, Common Councilmen for Lime Street Ward and loyal FAD supporter, the members of the Leadership Academy sat down for a beautiful lunch and introduction to the history of the Guildhall.

After the lunch the members embarked on a tour of The Great Hall – the place where all the magic happens. In the great hall, The Lord Mayor of London and sheriffs gather for state banquets and annual installations. Key speeches by public figures and national festivities also take place in The Great Hall.

Here’s what some of the Leadership Academy members had to say about the visit to The Guildhall:

Danielle: It was a great experience and opportunity to visit a place that is so central to London’s history. The tour of the great hall was amazing, it was so grand! … It was amazing to stand in a place that has such long standing traditions!“It was lovely to be able to meet Dennis, one of the many who have been involved in ensuring young people get the amazing opportunities that FAD provide.”,

Philip: I had great time learning about The Great Hall, it was magnificent to see such a historical building.”

Salisha “It was a pleasure to meet Dennis, whose hospitality towards all of us was very much appreciated. “It was such a great honour to be part of this experience”

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One thought on “FAD Leadership Academy visit The Guildhall

  1. It’s great to hear about what students are up to but why I signed up was to hear how you could actually take part in the Fad project. I can’t find information about this anywhere.

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