Construction! Construction! Construction!

2014, FAD Projects, Fashion Futures

With the workshops drawing closer to the end of the course, the budding designers continue to work hard at bringing their conceptual one-of-a-kind designs to life.

2Over the past few weeks the talented students of Fashion Futures 2014 have accomplished a great deal within a short yet intensive period of time. From the initial launch at the V&A in January, we’re now just a week and half away from the highly anticipated Jury Day. The aspiring designers have a come a very long way!

3We are over the moon with the level of imagination and skill displayed throughout the duration of the course – this year the students have gone above and beyond to create medieval-inspired contemporary outfits. With a week and a half left to go, the next generation designers will present their work on professional mount board, along with their sketchbook and finished outfit to a judging panel of industry professionals.

This Saturday’s workshop will be the last session for all the students taking part in the Fashion Futures course to complete their outfits and add the finishing touches ready for next week’s Jury Day.




A massive thank you to all the volunteers who volunteered their time and skills at the 2014 Fashion Futures Workshop!

This Fashion Futures programme has been made possible with the support from Youth In Action UK and the George team.

Youth In Action UK

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