2014 FAD Competition Final, ‘Multisensory Fashion’

FAD Competition

Fashion’s Sixth Sense

Sixteen talented fashion undergraduates from across the UK displayed an array of multisensory themed outfits in FAD’S 2014 competition which sealed an exhilarating end to London Fashion Week.

2014 FAD Comp Finalist _ Amy Konig_Winchester University (4)

Focusing on the five senses, the students were asked to design two outfits which exemplify the multisensory theme. The challenge involved producing a unique design which heightened sensory awareness and generated interaction between the garment and the individual wearing it.

Year after year, the potential gets stronger and the designs become more imaginative. Each student captured the multisensory theme and showcased fashion’s sixth sense through the experimentation of fabric, colour, texture and structure.

2014 FAD Comp Winner_Rhiannon Wakefield_Middlesex University (2)

Rhiannon Wakefieild, of Middlesex University, was crowned winner of the 2014 FAD competition for her ingenious Menswear collection.Claire Johnson, on the judging panel, spoke of Rhiannon’s collection

“Excellent. I really love her collection. Her research really demonstrated how she thought about the senses; the wonderful thing was her overall collection shows the emotion of her work. I think one of the key things about her work is the detail, it’s so well made. FAD really gives young designers the possibility to be really imaginative and showed a students work to its best.”

The first outfit, which ultimately stole the show, was a beautifully constructed winter coat with striking visuals in the form of printed graphics. To complete the look, the coat was paired with a classic men’s shirt, tailored trousers and black workmen boots.

2014 FAD Comp Winner_Rhiannon Wakefield OUTFITS (2)

The second outfit which captivated the audience was an incredibly well-structured jacket which incorporated different shapes and colours to emphasize the visual sensory. The striking jacket, shirt, and shorts featured an incorporation of different shades of yellow, from strong Mikado, to a lighter still de grain yellow. The originality of the piece was noticeable through the use of the over-sized pockets on the coat and jacket, whilst the press studs enriched the overall shape of the design.

2014 FAD Comp Winner_Rhiannon Wakefield OUTFITS (3)

The overall design of the garments heightened the multisensory theme which ultimately made her collection become fashion’s sixth sense.

Rhiannon stated that she was, absolutely shocked, when the winner was announced. She then went on to say that it was a very surreal feeling.

“Being involved in the show is a fantastic opportunity for a young designer. Generally just to be here is an honour to show my work at London Fashion Week. FAD’s brief was really interesting so it gave room to play around and be creative – this was an amazing experience.”

Blogpost by Sophia Deen, freelance blogger


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