Q&A with 2014 Competition finalist, Lucia Graham

FAD Competition

Ipswich native and De Montfort University finalist, Lucia Graham takes inspiration from her childhood memories and Primary School experiences which has resulted in an exciting and imaginative approach to ‘Multisensory Design’.

We caught up with Lucia to find out more about her collection and how it all came about …


Q. How does it feel to be a finalist in the 2014 FAD Competition?

Excited, elated, honoured plus all the words in the dictionary which refer to a positive emotion. It really is an honour to represent my university on a national level. And there is no better place to be showcased than London Fashion Week.

Q. What was the concept behind your multisensory collection?

For my interpretation of the brief  ’multisensory’ I have concentrated on the process that we experience whilst we are learning. Having the skill of reading and writing to communicate with the world around us is a necessity. The idea that children act as a sponge for absorbing information although one could argue that is the most difficult aspect of life but we encounter this at such a young age

Q. The fabrics that you have used are extremely exciting to say the least, did you design them? If so, where did you get your inspiration from?

Yes I did design all of the fabrics I used, and they were all digitally printed. It all came from drawings and pages from my childhood schoolbooks. I used my old school work as the genesis of my prints. The final prints are a combination of pages from my schoolbooks with more emphasis on colour to highlight the fun, colourful journey of education.

Q. You’re one of many finalists who have designed menswear pieces – was this a new challenge for you? Or are you studying menswear at uni?

No, it was natural to me, as I have always preferred menswear; I design menswear on my fashion course at De Montfort University, although my course is not menswear tailored. I am not sure what initially drew me to menswear but I have just naturally found it more exciting. I would like to peruse a career in menswear once I graduate.

Q. Who can you see wearing your collection?

Typically, my muse would be a guy in his early/mid 20s, lives in London, loves experimenting with fashion and not afraid to wear colours of course he’s really into music all types of music. My muse would be the type of guy that just throws things together and still has the natural coolness to him.

We look forward to seeing Lucia’s childhood inspired multisensory collection on the catwalk at the FAD Competition Final next week!!


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