Session 2. Draping & Figure Drawing

2014, FAD Projects, Fashion Futures

Session 2 of the #FashionFutures course began with an introduction covering the basic principles of Draping on the stand, Measuring the Body and Figure Drawing


Draping, a popular practice used by many designers, is the process of creatively manipulating fabric on the stand into the shape of a garment.

Using their research from the V&A as a footing and working in pairs to combine their creativity, the students took to the mannequins creating a string of interesting shapes and silhouettes.




An array of innovative ideas could be seen throughout the fashion studios.

After the draping session the students also learnt how to correctly take down figure measurements, an important skill that will later be put to the test.


Figure drawing was the next area that was covered. The students experimented with different forms of drawing – from quick free hand drawings to mark making the students used a selection of media such as inks, pastels and tissue paper.


This was an enjoyable exercise that encouraged the students to have fun with drawing and understand the different ways in which a drawing can be translated onto paper.

Next week’s session will focus on garment design and sewing skills.

A massive thank you to all the volunteers who supported the Fashion Futures students at the workshop!


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