Fashion Futures 2014 – Future Continental

2014, FAD Projects, Fashion Futures

‘Creativity occurs when cultures combine’ … this year’s exciting brief will see the students of Fashion Futures 2014 explore the enriched creativity that has emerged across Europe – past and present



Fashion Futures launch took place last Saturday at the V&A, with an introductory session detailing what the students can expect on the course and what they will gain from taking part



A questions panel was put in place for the students to ask past Fashion Futures participants questions about their time on the course and how taking part in Fashion Futures has benefited them


After a healthy lunch of a selection sandwiches, fruit, biscuits and juice – the students began their research and journeyed their way through the galleries of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, absorbing ideas from the works of art taking inspiration from the colour, shape, pattern, texture and materials through observational drawings, mark making and referencing


23 of the most promising students will be selected as finalists to take part in stage 2 of the course where they will construct their designs in their chosen fabrics and showcase their outfits at September London Fashion Week

A massive thank you to all the volunteers who helped out at the V&A!


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